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Performance Medicine of Southwestern Virginia

Performance Medicine is the practice of Dr. Delmas Bolin. Our goal is to help keep you active with a comprehensive approach to identify the biomechanical and technical issues that contribute to your pain and hold you back from performing your best.

Dr. Bolin is amazing. I can’t say enough about him. So thankful for the recommendation from a friend!

I recommend him all the time. Doc Bolin is the best.

I have the greatest confidence in his abilities, training, and oversight. And he knows my name without looking at the chart!


After 5 weeks of lower back pain, your diagnosis lower back sprain, and then 5 minutes of adjustment by you, the nerve pain left almost immediately. Hit golf balls that afternoon, not to many! Started walking and playing 18 holes 2 days later, no pills. 3 days later 2nd round, all other muscle and soft tissue pain gone. THANK YOU!!!

Dr Bolin was very attentive and addressed my needs fully. My knee felt better almost immediately and now feels almost 100%.


The service is always great and so is the medical attention.


You have been wonderful to me. The support you have given me has helped me a lot. Therapy has been really good for me. I can not wait to make a full recovery. Thank you so much!!


Dr. Bolin always treats me very well and addresses my concerns effectively and promptly, I would recommend him and his staff to everyone.

Listened very well and asked questions and used physical movement to get at the heart of the condition quickly and thoroughly. He then clearly explained and drew the anatomy of the situation and then provided a course of action.

Dr. Bolin did an excellent job in explaining my options and potential treatments depending on a formal diagnosis upon subsequent scans. He explained the meds that were being prescribed and discussed alternative meds if necessary.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?

If you have pain in your joints or back, Performance Medicine can help.

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Elbow Pain

hip pain sports medicine in southwest virginia

Hip Pain

shoulder pain sports medicine dr delmas bolin in roanoke virginia

Shoulder Pain

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Ankle Pain

sports medicine and knee pain doctor in roanoke virginia

Knee Pain

back pain doctor roanoke va

Back Pain

Specializing in Sports Medicine

Whether it’s shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, or low back pain – whatever hinders you from exercise is what we address. Sometimes these symptoms result from altered biomechanics, which can be addressed in the office and with physical therapy. Other times, the injuries are more complex and require additional testing.

Dr. Bolin specializes in sports medicine and can help you get a diagnosis and guide your non-operative treatment. In those cases where surgery might be necessary, he can guide you to the doctors that he would send his own family to.

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Call us today and meet with Dr. Bolin for your consultation. Performance Medicine serves the Roanoke Valley area and throughout Southwestern Virginia.

Treating Pain of All Types

For years, Dr. Delmas Bolin of Performance Medicine has helped athletes and patients work through sports-related and other types of injuries and pain.